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Circumstances can change. What may have worked for you and your spouse at the time of your divorce may no longer be the case. Luckily, it may be possible to modify the terms of your divorce.

Obtaining a modification is not easy, however, which is why you should put your trust in our lawyers at Vermillion Law Offices, LLC in Overland Park, Kansas, for help. We have helped countless people in Lawrence, Kansas, and throughout the Kansas City metro area get through the modification process while protecting their legal rights and best interests.

What Does It Take To Get A Modification?
Unless you and your ex-spouse can come to an agreement, it can be difficult to receive a modification because you have to prove that there has been a substantial change in circumstances. Some common grounds for modifying child custody, child support or alimony include:

  • One spouse receives a raise or promotion

  • One spouse loses his or her job

  • A parent would like to move out of state and take the child with him or her

  • A parent remarries

  • One spouse moves in with another partner, who may not provide the safest environment for a child

  • A parent or child suffers from an expensive medical condition or disability

Whether you are seeking an alimony, child support or child custody modification, our family law attorneys can help. Debra Vermillion takes the time to learn everything about a client's situation and address all questions and concerns. With more than 28 years of experience, she can help you determine if you have a good chance of receiving a modification. As experienced litigators, they can also help you contest a modification if it is not in your interests.

​To learn more about post-divorce modifications, contact Vermillion Law Offices, LLC today at (913) 322-7732 or online for a free consultation.